San Mateo

Come to learn this beautiful dance every Monday, Wednesday and Sundays in San Mateo! No special clothes are required; what feels comfortable for you is good. Please do come with a pair of smooth-soled shoes, either leather or suede will work on the dance floor. Later you might feel the wish to buy tango shoes and we can easily advise you about that. Come by yourself or with a partner. For the most common questions about our classes please see our FAQ’s page.



7pm - 8pm Tango Beginner Level Class (studio 2)

8pm - 9pm Milonga Rhythm Class (studio 1)

9pm - 10pm Open Practice Time


Wednesdays (all classes on studio 1)

7pm - 8pm Tango Beginner Level Class

8pm - 9pm Tango Intermediate Level Class

9pm - 10pm Tango Advanced Level Class

10pm - 11:30pm Open Practice time


Sundays (all classes on studio 1)

5pm-6pm Tango Beginner Level Class

6pm-7pm Intermediate Level Class

7pm-8pm Open Practice Time



Motion Arts Center

217 S Claremont St, (studio 1)

525 E 3rd Avenue, (studio 2)

San Mateo, CA 94401










































Come and have fun dancing Argentine Tango with us. You will learn the smooth, gorgeous and elegant movements of the Tango. Easy to follow, our classes are for those who want to feel the Emotion, the Musicality and the Romanticism that makes the Tango a unique experience.


So, we would like to welcome you to the magic experience of tango. This is the beginning of your road to become a great tango dancer. That's good news, since tango is a dance you can enjoy in every country of the world. It is an amazing way to meet new people, share wonderful moments with your sweetheart and also according to a new research study from McGill University in Montreal, Argentine Tango improves your health and brain functions.


But, let's say this is the first time you decide to take dance lessons or you believe you have two left feet or perhaps tango is a dance you always admired but haven't tried yet. Then, the beginner's class is right for you !


Every week you will learn exercices in balance, coordination, body posture, tango walking, lead and follow communication, musicality and navigation on the dance floor.  These are essential concepts you need to know to have a lot of fun and stay confident each time you dance the tango.


Because we know how you feel when you begin, we will help you to feel good. think you can dance? We believe that everybody can dance and of course, you too ! What you need is our expert training, a nurturing environment and your desire and commitment to become the dancer you want to be. We know many students who didn't think they could do it and today you can't stop them from dancing. But be aware, this may happen to you !


When we dance tango we become in a certain way one human being with four legs...and yes, it is true, it takes two to tango ! This is the reason why we teach you to move feeling not just your body but to extend your sensitivity to include your partner. Then, the magic happens ! As a gentlemen you will experience the great pleasure of leading and as a lady please get prepared for the exquisite joy of following.


Dancing is one of the most beautiful experiences we can have as human beings.

Go for it and enjoy it !




The studio has 8 parking spots, there is parking in the street or you can park at the Central Parking Garage on 3rd Street and B street (one block away from the studio).



Argentine Tango Group Classes & Practicas

Every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday




* PLEASE NOTE: Packages are valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. Your MAC prepaid class package is valid for any class at the Motion Arts Center (except for special classes, workshops or events).