Frequent Questions


* How do I register for a class?

You can register online by clicking here.

or in person at the studio the front desk will be more than happy to help you register for the class. Registration is a simple process and takes just a few minutes to complete. New students please arrive 10 minutes before class starts.


* Do I start at the beginning of the month or can I just drop in?

Classes are ongoing, so you may drop-in at anytime. Please click on each dance style you would like to learn for the location, date, time and prices of each class.


* What if I miss a class?

If you have signed up for the monthly series we expect that for the consistency of the learning process you attend consecutively. Then, if you miss a class you cannot make it up. However, if you have any problem please let the teacher know in advance and we will do our best to help you.


* Do I need a partner?

No, no partner is necessary to come the social dance classes. Actually, it is a great way to meet new people. The majority of events are attended by a mix of singles and couples and in classes we always encourage people to rotate partners to ensure that they can learn how to lead or follow anyone.


* Can I dance only with my partner if I like?

Yes, you may stay with your partner for the entire class, just let the teacher know before the class starts.


* What level should I enroll in?

Each of our teachers can help you determine which level class would be appropriate for you. If you do sign up for a class and it is not the appropriate level, simply talk to your teacher at the beginning of class and asks them what you should do. If you are an experienced dancer but have not yet taken their classes, perhaps a refresher course, at a level which you are most comfortable, will help you define which classes would offer you the most for your time.


*What do you teach in each level class?

Please visit our Class Description page for more details.


* What should I wear to class? Is there a dress code?

For social dance classes or practice sessions no special clothes are required; simply wear clothes that are clean, neat and comfortable for you. However, for  social dances it is usually more “dressy”. But most importantly, is that you feel good while you are dancing.


* What kind of shoes do I need?

When you are just beginning, you are free to wear anything comfortable, with the exception of rubber sole shoes as they are not helpful either to you or the dance floor. But as you progress, you may want to consider purchasing dance shoes. Getting your first pair of shoes can be very exciting. Here are a couple of recommendations to keep in mind:


a. Bring dance shoes that are flexible with leather or suede soles. Please remember that leather soled shoes can be worn both outside and inside the dance floor while the suede sole shoes can only be worn inside.


b. For women, it is not necessary to wear high heels, however most women find that wearing heels makes it easier to dance and to keep the weigth forward on the ball of the foot. If you do not yet feel comfortable or are not used to wearing heels, we recommend to start with a low heel (1.5″ to 2″) and then slowly increasing the height.


c. Many people choose to wear dance sneakers with low heels for practicas and workshops, and then switch to dressier, high heel shoes for the dance parties.


d. If you plan on dancing for many hours at a dance party, practice session or workshop, it is a good idea to bring another pair of shoes to change into later. This way, you are preventing foot problems that are caused by persistent pressure from the shoes on a single place on your foot.


* Where can I purchase Dance shoes, clothing, music and videos?

You can make an appointment to visit us at our studio Motion Arts Center in San Mateo by calling Jesica at (415) 573-5735.


* How long will it take to learn to dance?

Each person has their own learning curve. We recommend you feel very comfortable at one level before proceeding to a higher level. Ask your teacher if they think it’s time for you to move up a level. Your success will depend greatly on your dedication to this art form. The more you practice what you learn, the faster you will become comfortable dancing.


* Should I take private lessons?

After many years teaching dance, our experience tells us that taking private lessons is the best way to learn. For some people, learning in a group is not always an option. Maybe you want to maximize the time you spend learning; keep your own learning pace; go over something in detail; perhaps you are a bit shy about dancing in public or maybe you want to unlearn bad habits that you picked up without even realizing it. Then, we strongly recommend taking private lessons from the very beginning. Click here for more details.


* What if I have an injury or medical problems?

All of the movements in Argentine tango require the ability to maintain balance. Tango is a dance of leading and following where you need to generate a firm embrace with arms and upper body in order to move with a partner together. If you have previous back, hip, knee or ankle injuries or any other medical condition please discuss suitability of attending this class with your doctor or physician.


* What makes Argentine Tango different and so unique?

The way in which the dancers embrace each other, the traditional tango music, the amazing footwork, and the strong and emotional experience are just some of the many things that make this dance very special. Argentine Tango is an improvisational dance. Once you learn the basic vocabulary you can create endless combinations. You need to connect with the music, with your feelings and with your partner. Then….magic happens! By speaking the silent language of leading and following, the dancers enjoy flowing with the rhythm,and their graceful movements become one with the music. Tango dancing is an art that inspires you to be fully aware and present, here and now.