Private Lessons

After many years teaching, our experience tells us that taking private lessons is the best way to learn. For some people, learning in a group is not always an option. Maybe you want to maximize the time you spend learning, keeping your own learning pace, or you want to go over something in detail, or maybe you are a bit shy about dancing in public. Then, we strongly recommend taking private lessons from the very beginning.

Since we are devoting the whole time just to you, you can be assured that you will be learning faster and easier.


Each private lesson is for one hour. The rate varies depending on how many you want to take. Also, as a way to reward your commitment, the more lessons you take the better price you receive.




* 1 Private lesson per hour per person or per couple $150  


* Package of 3 Private lessons per person or per couple $435 = $ 145 each lesson


* Package of 5 Private lessons per person or per couple $ 700 = $ 140 each lesson


* Package of 10 Private lessons per person or per couple $ 1250 = $ 125 each lesson


Note: Prices include the floor fee.  




By phone at (415) 573-5735 or






The lessons can be held in any of our studios in San Mateo, California.


If you prefer to have your private lessons at your home in the Bay Area, the rate is $300 per hour per person or couple (with one teacher) or $600 per hour (with both teachers). For other areas, please contact us for rates and availability.


*Cancellation Policy: If for any reason you need to cancel your scheduled private lesson, please let us know at least 48 hours in advance, otherwise the full price of the lesson must be paid. Private Lessons and Private Lesson Packages are valid for 90 days after date of purchase. No refunds.



For your own group private lessons and workshops please contact us for rates and availability.




Even if you've never danced before, we can give you and your fiancee the confidence and grace to enjoy your first dance together as a married couple and to impress your family and friends. Being prepared for your first dance will allow you to look comfortable and relaxed when you take the dance floor. We are regularly teaching private lessons to singles, couples and groups.


We also offer lessons for:


  • Couple's Wedding First Dance

  • Wedding Parties

  • Father of the Bride and Family members

  • Tango Instruction for guests at your Reception

  • Special Events

  • Anniversary Celebrations

  • Valentine's Day

  • Individual or Group Lessons

  • Friends

  • Holiday Gifts


Please contact us for rates and availability.

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