Be prepared to experience the magical seduction of the Argentine tango by

The Official 2011 USA Tango Stage Champions.


Professional dancers and choreographers Gustavo and Jesica Hornos, will amaze your audience with an exquisite demonstration of partner dancing full of passion and flare.


Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Gustavo and Jesica devote their lives to show the cultural treasure of Argentina, the authentic tango dancing.


Audiences around the world have seen their striking performances and given rave reviews.


Although their technique is highly sophisticated, their dance is completely emotionally driven which is something that people always appreciate and enjoy. When performing, Gustavo and Jesica let you see the story of their love in every movement.


Touch the soul of your guests with a sensual tango show at your next event:


* corporate shows

* embassy and goverment galas

* television or movie productions

* celebrity events

* product launches

* trade shows

* fashion shows

* press conferences

* fundraisers and benefit galas

* vip client list events

* employee appreciation days

* holiday celebrations

* birthdays, anniversaries and weddings

* concerts, fairs and festivals



Click here to watch a YouTube video with more than two million views

of Gustavo and Jesica Hornos, the 2011 USA Tango Stage Champions.



Below are some of the many options you can choose from or tell us what you'd like to achieve and we'll create a tailored solution to meet your specific needs:


* one tango dance couple

* two dance couples

* three dance couples or more

* dancing to recorded music in CD or Ipad

* dancing to live music with a bandoneon solo

* live music tango duo

* live music with a full tango band (up to 6 musicians)

* brief interesting lecture about the history of Argentine tango

* the whole tango show could be presented in English or Spanish

* our shows can travel nationaly or internationally

* high quality professional costumes and makeup

* sound equipment, speakers, microphone, headsets

* portable dance floor



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Break the ice, liven up the party and get your guests dancing the famous tango with our super fun proven method where everybody succeeds!

Give them the opportunity to a new experience that they will always remember.

This can range from a 15 minutes mini-lesson to a full length 90 minute






The Argentine Tango is a beautiful, sensual, intimate dance, which makes it the perfect choice for your wedding. Even if you've never danced before, Gustavo and Jesica can choreograph a dance routine to your selected music or they can suggest a song for you. This will give you and your fiancee the confidence and grace to enjoy your first dance together as a married couple and to impress your family and friends. Being prepared for your first dance will allow you to look comfortable and relaxed when you take the dance floor.


Gustavo and Jesica also offer tango lessons for:


* Wedding Parties

* Father of the Bride and/or Family members

* Tango Instruction for Guests at your Reception

* Anniversary Celebrations

* Valentine's Day Surprise Gift

* Individual or Group Lessons

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Below is a playlist of some of the most requested tango songs for

our shows. You will find a variety of traditional and nuevo tango music.

Please click on each track to listen to it and use the up and down

arrows to scroll down for more songs.


Q: Where are you from?

A: Gustavo and Jesica are originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, the world capital of Tango. They speak fluently English and Spanish which allows them to interact with your group in both languages and give a brief interesting lecture about the history of Argentine tango.


Q: What style of tango do you perform?

A: Because Gustavo and Jesica are specialists in Argentine Tango they can perform a broad range of styles, from the very traditional salon style to the flamboyant stage tango.


Q: How long is the show?

A: We can dance one set or multiple sets throughout the evening, using different costumes, props and music each set. Sets can be anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.

If you have something in mind for your show please ask us! We are able to design our sets to fit your event.


Q: What about out of town or international shows? Will you travel?

A: Yes! In some instances distance/location can vary the total cost of your hire.

In such instances basic travelling expenses will be charged over and above that of your entertainment. If you think this might apply to your event be sure to let us know the location at the time of enquiry and we can discuss this while tailoring your event.


Q: How far in advance should I make the booking?

A: Gustavo and Jesica tend to book out completely so be sure to contact them as soon as you know what day you will need them. If you want to be certain that your event gets on their schedule, it is always better to book the show sooner than later.


Q: Can you perform tonight?

A: Sometimes we can accommodate last minute requests, so don't hesitate to ask. However, we are very busy and usually booked at least 4-6 weeks in advance. Advance notice allows us the time to personalize to your specific event. Please try to plan ahead and give us as much notice as possible.

This will increase your odds of us being available for your event.


Q: What information does the dancer need to know?

A: Please tell Gustavo and Jesica what type of event this is, as this will help in selecting music. We have a vast range of amazing Tango music including Traditional and Nuevo Tango. We will bring the custom CD to your event. Please have a stereo or sound system that will play burned CD's. We also have Ipod and Ipad players and connectors for large and small systems. If your system has these connections please let us know. Your sound system must be loud enough to drown out any conversation and must be audible in all corners of the room.

Please check the sound equipment beforehand to get the best results for your event!


Q: What type of area does the dancer need to perform?

A: We are accustomed to dancing in many different environments from small living rooms to huge theatrical stages. Please consider having a clean and clear “stage area” (of at least  20 x 10 sq feet and ideally around 30 x 20 sq feet or more). We always try our best to make anything work. Please tell us the material of the floor surface where we will be dancing. It is important that the floor is leveled and without any cracks, holes or unnecessary obstacles for a seamless performance. If you intend the show to be outdoors please specify so proper foot wear can be worn. This information will all be discussed during your consultation.


Q: What kind of costumes do you wear for the show?

A: Expect from the 2011 USA Tango Champions the highest quality tango costumes available and ready with professional hair and makeup for your event.

People always comment on our million dollar look!

If for any reason you have a conservative guest list and would prefer a covered costume or there is a particular color or style that would better seem to match the lighting, background or theme of an event, let us know in advance and we will likely be able to dress accordingly.


Q: Do you need a dressing room/changing area?

A: Yes! Please make sure that there is a safe, private and secure place for the dancers to change, freshen up and place their things. Also, it is always appreciated to have drinking water available.


Q: Do you need driving directions and parking?

A: Fortunately, we are equipped with a GPS navigation system that allows us to find places very easily. We just need for you to provide us with an exact address. If you know of an easier way to get there than internet/GPS directions, please let us know. It is also nice to give the dancers a contact person they can call if they get lost or hit unexpected roadblocks or delays. If it is difficult to find parking around your event, be sure to let the dancers know what their options are, street parking, parking garages, etc., so the dancers can allow time and take into account any parking fees they may be responsible for during the night. If you can arrange for some kind of parking for them in difficult areas this will be very helpful.


Q: Do you provide a contract for your shows?

A: Yes, we will email or mail you a tango show contract that defines the expectations from both parties which can be adjusted for the specifics of your event.


Q: What types of payment do you accept?

A: We accept checks or cash at this time. We are honored to work with you!


Q: Can I have an invoice for my organization?

A: Yes of course, we can send it by email, mail or in person after the show.


Q: What else do I need to know?

A: Please tell us who the contact person is and who will take the dancers CD and direct them to the dancing area. Assigning a specific contact person to assist the dancer is a good idea. Give the dancer the contact person’s number in case that for any reason they need to reach them. When the dancers arrive the contact person can show them to where they can change and set their things and can assure they get paid. The contact person is also handy for taking the dancer’s music and making sure it gets played at the right time; which means that the music will start when the dancers are prepared in their starting position.

If this is not a surprise event, it is a good idea that the contact person talk to the DJ/MC to clear the dance floor and announce the dancers before they start the show. It is usually better if the contact person is not the guest or guests of honor at an event since they are usually very busy. Also, please make sure you are ready for your performance at the agreed time so that the dancers can adhere to their strict performance line-up.


Q: Would you dance with the guest of honor?

A: Yes, we would be delighted to and can make special arrangements for that in advance. For better results, we recommend that they take at least one private lesson with us.


Q: You just entertained us and it was amazing, can we leave feedback anywhere?

A: Yes it's great to get feedback and we're pleased you can now send it in an email to [email protected] 


By hiring Gustavo and Jesica Hornos, the 2011 USA Tango Stage Champions you can make sure that your event will be professional and of the highest quality.

We are here to help make your event spectacular and unforgettable!


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To reserve a date for your special event please click here

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Frequent Asked Questions About Our Shows


Gustavo and Jesica Hornos performing at the British Banker's Club in California.