I just would like to congratulate Gustavo and Jesica for the lovely video clip. There is something very special about it, I think it is the simplicity in which all the beautiful steps are executed. It clearly shows that you two dance under the direction of the mind but totally influenced by the heart. Thank you for showing the world, how wonderful dancing Tango is !


"All the best, Alberto, London, UK."


There are many tango teachers that can teach the steps, but what makes Jesica and Gustavo so unique is that they teach what's between the steps, the very soul of the dance. They impart to their students a richer understanding of the subtleties that make this dance so unique, and not simply a laundry list of patterns. If ever watched Argentine Tango and it took your breath away, and if you are passionate about learning Tango, you'll be well rewarded with them. I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to study from individuals of such high caliber.


"Bob Lansburg, Novato, CA."



I have studied different social dances for the last ten years. Although I really enjoy dancing, I have never enjoyed going to dance classes before studying with Gustavo and Jesica. They are such warm hearted people they create an atmosphere for learning that is both focused and fun."


"Jennifer Aprke, Novato, CA."



I am personally drawn to the style that you have as a couple.

I have seen you perform and both of you have made an impact on my perception of dance. I have been moved by the power of passion that exists in partner dancing...which is quite potent when seen live.  

I believe that hope for single adults is restored in the presence of seeing such passion and beauty. Watching a couple enjoy each other as you do brings hope and even healing to some.

Thank you for doing what you do...your passion for dance and willingness to teach is an inspiration and gift to so many in the community. "


"Joanna Goodrich, Sonoma State University, CA."



I had the pleasure of photographing Gustavo and Jesica when they and their musicians performed for free in the VA hospital in San Francisco. They were breathtakingly beautiful to watch and extremely gracious -- they just lit up the room. After dancing, they went around the room and greeted each patient individually; when they heard that one patient, a former tango teacher, was too ill to come down to the show -- they went up to his room to say hello. Their professionalism, warmth, and generosity caused many smiles in the hospital that day."


"Peter Merts, Professional Photographer, SF Bay Area, CA."




For over nine years years, I have worked as a concert producer for Bread & Roses, bringing live performance to people in institutions. I recently had the pleasure of meeting professional Argentinian tango dancers Gustavo and Jesica. They recently did a show for Bread & Roses at the VA Medical Center in San Francisco along with guitarist Marcelo Puig and bandoneon player 'Bocha,' all from Buenos Aires. The show was lovely and poignant. The audience, largely senior gentleman in their 80's and 90's, were all veterans who were transfixed by the nostalgia of hearing the lyrical music and of seeing the dancing which was dramatic and stunning. One gentleman in his 90's told us he had lived in Buenos Aires thirty years ago and how the music brought back so many fond memories of his time there. After the show, we were asked by a nurse if we would visit an elderly stroke victim who was confined to his bed on the second floor. He had taught tango dancing in college and had tears in his eyes when Gustavo and Jesica came to greet him. I first met Gustavo and Jesica at Avance in San Rafael. I highly recommend a visit to this Latin restaurant in Marin County the next time they feature Argentine music. The music and the dancing are mesmerizing and captivating. I left the restaurant that night feeling as if I had been transported for the evening to Buenos Aires, embraced by the warmth of a new circle of culturally sophisticated and talented friends who are generously sharing their culture throughout the Bay Area.


"Marian Hubler, Producer, Bread & Roses, Corte Madera, CA."



Gustavo & Jesica generously donated their time to come and perform their breathtaking dances for the veterans who reside at the San Francisco VA Nursing Home. They came through the auspices of a wonderful group that puts together performances of volunteer musicians, 'Bread and Roses'. We were enchanted by their electric performance, they are superb dancers. It transported many of the veterans to their youth and to the days when they had watched or even danced the Tango themselves. It was a moving and vibrant performance and the audience was very appreciative. They were even willing to visit the room of a seriously ill veteran, a former dancer, who was unable to see the performance. Thank you Gustavo and Jesica !


"Barbara Skelly, Recreation Therapist, SF Bay Area, CA."



Thank you for sharing your talent and passion to help make the First Anniversary of the Bay West Dancesport Academy a first class evening. We love to watch you perform ! The music speaks through you. Many wishes for future succeses.


"Mark & Andrea Novak, Professional Dance Competitors, San Rafael, CA."



Thank you so much for a wonderful milonga last night. It had all the ingredients to make up a magical Sunday evening: great lesson, good food, stimulating music, and an inspirational performance.

We look forward to your anniversary milonga.


"Sondra and Stuart, SF Bay Area, CA."



Gustavo and Jesica, I would like to thank the both of you for all the help you have given me. I'm very lucky looking up to, two wonderful people and great dancers. I look foward to many more lessons and Milongas parties to come. Your web site looks great.    


"Julie, Santa Rosa, CA."







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